What 2 Do in Luxembourg, Sunday lunch: Chateau Bourglinster

Brasserie Cote Cour – Chateau Bourglinster

My dearest partner in crime… traveling, eating living

The Menu

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3 Amuses – Endive, Parmesan Sphere and Salmon..

Lovely fresh bread

A Luxembourg Classic – Aly Duhr Pinot Gris 2010

A Beetroot youghurt delight

Fish of the day – Skrei

Quasi des Veau



A little one for the Cofee

Friendly and knowledgeable Pascal
Absolutely reasonable in Lux land
Anne is pleased

Not ready yet, but in the summer!!

Lessons learned

  • Simple is not always simple
  • Cote Cour is a strong recommendation
  • Life is good 🙂

2 thoughts on “What 2 Do in Luxembourg, Sunday lunch: Chateau Bourglinster

  1. Thank you Anouka 🙂 – I can really recommend a visit to Cote Cour, it is worth it… the neighbour Distillerie too 🙂
    Nice blog you have too – very active… I will keep an eye out for good tips.


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