What 2 see in Bangkok in 1 day

 A few days in Bangkok Apr. 2010

Before arriving the were some nerves with regards to the conflict between the government and the red shirts. Anne arranged a switch of hotel from city center JW Marriott to Marriott Resort and Spa in the river district and this worked just fine.

We were picked up by a Marriott greeter in the arrival hall and were whisked out to the Mercedes E220 which took us to the hotel. Here we arranged an room upgrade from Deluxe to Deluxe river view (1500 thb/day effectively) which was never regretted.

The view was fantastic and we could enjoy all the prams, longtail- and shuttle boats running up and down the river. As usual with in effect 1 full day and 2 halves we had not enough time to see everything (Whatever it is?)

2nd day we took a little sun, a light lunch and at 1300 we met our guide Nina from Tongs tours. They and Anne had agreed on a simple itinerary which we shortly discussed again and agreed on:
1. Marriott Shuttle boat -> Public Shuttle boat
2. The Grand Palace / Wat Phra Kaew
3. Wat Pho (Buddhist temple with the Reclining Buddha)
4. The Flower market (option)
5. Private Longtail boat through the Canals.

Back around 1700 we just had a re-dress and downtime before hunting down the restaurant of Mandarin Oriental. This came recommended from Anne’s colleague and I can promise it was with good reason….especially that fantastic lean and dead duck fella.

Last day we managed a little sun before the limo service took us back out to the airport.

All in all, I hope Bangkok sorts out the problems we read about but never saw. I for one will definitely be back some day. The city was better organized and cleaner than expected and there is a lot we didn’t see nor eat 🙂

Bangkok Pictures:

Our tour of the Bangkok River area starting from Marriott Resort and spa:

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