What 2 Expect in Dubai, 3 nights and 2 days in the sand

A few nights in Dubai surprised me positively…..

 Maybe I was not expecting to much alternatively, this is not the worst place to have a short vacation?

We were there on a stopover on our way back from Thailand which were booked with Emirates (Frankfurt->Dubai->Bangkok), so on the way back we saved 200 euro by staying a few nights (Total 470€ Pers. all incl. return flight tickets)

After long consideration we decided to stay at Grosvenor House in the Dubai Marina area.
During our short stay we got to:
shop in Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall
½day desert safari (See below)
Beach by the Royal Meridian
See the Dubai Fountain in action

To sum up I was tought a few lessons by this experience:
1. Grosvenor House is a really, really nice hotel.
2. Advice given to take Desert Safari on ½ day is plenty good
3. Question the concierge if the primarily recommend their own restaurants
4. Stop myself from always trying to find local food and instead find the best restaurants
5. 39deg celcius is warm but when dry not comparable to 36 humid of Thailand
6. There is plenty action in Dubai to cover 7 days
7. Dubai does not appear bankrupt, maybe just not as rich as before?
8. Taxi costs nothing! +- 2 euro for 10 minutes drive.

Afterwards I found this website filled with advice and information for the dubai Traveller – Dubai FAQ

Desert Safari – The short version without belly dancing tea party…. below you can see the exact route taken should you want to know?

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