How 2 Spend some time on Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand

6 nights and as the other stops on this vacation too short a visit to cover everything.

On Koh Samui we had rented a panoramic ocean view pool villa at Silavadee Pool Resort and Spa. This was so nice that 3 full days were spent mainly lying in and around the pool reading and tanning. The remaining 3 days we had to force ourselves out where we tried following:
1. Diving @ Koh Tao – 2 dives + 2×2 hours ferry ride (0600-1700)
2. Rented a Suzuki Sporty (Samurai) – scariest ride ever… 23€/day
3. ½ day cooking class at Sitca. Cooking and eating 3+1 courses.
4. Visiting Restaurants: The Page, Six Senses and the Patio
5. Getting a Haircut (7€) and foot massage (5€) – both 40 minutes

Lessons learned?
1. When diving @ Koh Tao choose a company with the speed boat option – Here’s 2: 1 and 2
2. When renting a vehicle in Thailand, maybe choose a new one not falling apart 🙂
3. Do not insist on eating Thai food every single day although it is tasty
4. Outside the resorts and hotels there were more poverty/garbage in the streets than expected.
5. When the sun goes down 1800 it is dark, dark – so I got up 0600 most mornings to compensate
6. Koh Tao diving is not The Red Sea but very much recommended.

Some pictures but as you can understand from above a lot from the Villa:

And just because the data are there… Flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui
And The drive from Airport to Silavadee Pool resort and Spa.

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