Syriously! – Serious Syrian kitchen in Luxembourg

 Better described by Syriously! themselves: The Syriously! Story
Mahmoud came to Luxembourg in the wake of the Syrian war that devastated his home town of Raqqaa where he was a pharmacist and pharmaceutical products wholesaler.
Being a passionate cook, his dream was to open a small restaurant in his new home.When Pitt, the owner of the walls, met Moudy through Marianne and the HARIKO-initiative of Red Cross the 2 food lovers decided to give a purposefull end-of-life to these old walls by creating a time limited syrian eatery.
The venue of Syriously! is part of a number of houses which are going to be demolished to build a mixed residential development in 2019.
The concept was that the renovations would be carried out by the team itself, mainly volonteering friends of Mahmoud and Pitt with minimal investment into the walls and maximum social impact for the implied people.Now that the dust has setlled we are proud to serve you fine Syrian dishes with an Aleppo-bias and everything is homemade by Syrian women under Mahmouds guidance.
We believe that this first work experience in Luxembourg will allow them to develop social and language skills and that they will enrich our country with their energy and culture in the years to come.
In this sense, Syriously! is a high social impact project fostering social cohesion by empowering our new citizens to start a new life

We would like to thank Hatm, Omar, Abdu, Ahmed, Mohammed, Mohssine, Obeida, Guy, M’Bashar, M’Marianna, Dima and Dima, Abu Ahmed, André, Jean, Claudine, Philippe, Isabelle, Fränz, Eggi, Marianne, Tun, Jeanne, Pina, Olivier, Mira, Gabriel, Yara, Patrick, Mireille, Sylvie, Dirk, Eggi, Capi, Microlux, Madabout, Em-Anlagenbau, Brasserie Bofferding, Zerno, our neighbours and many others for their support and patience, donations and help.
Last but not least Frédérique for conceiving the name and managing the communication
and Kinlake for creating our logo and for helping us with all things creative
Desert made by Marianna

—————————————– Let’s eat ————————————-

A very delicious dinner, inexpensive for Luxembourg and friendly, smiling people. Everything is not finished, settled or finalised – glasses, plating and service is charming fresh, different & clean. All the food wash fresh tasting and fragrant.

I would like a little larger selection of beverages and I still need to learn how to use the spicy salad and condiments spice in the food.
Best of luck to the full team, I look forward to be back.
While you have the chance i recommend this A Must GO.
Lessons Learned
  • Must use beans more in my kitchen
  • Freixenet Cava has big bubbles
  • Loads of Energy, people and resources – results arrive
  • Syrian kitchen is delicious
  • War is evil & life is good….


51, rue Baudouin
L-1228 Luxembourg (Hollerich)
Tél.: 621 375 177


Please comment and correct me below – I must have named a few dishes wrong.
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have…
thank you for visiting

2 thoughts on “Syriously! – Serious Syrian kitchen in Luxembourg

    1. Hi Conrad, thanks for your message. Syriously has now closed, sibling project Chiche is literally next door and strongly recommended for food and ambiance.


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