Table Ephémère – Eurotoques Luxembourg & Les Paniers de Sandrine

We were late in noticing this rather important event in our local hoods.
The first Euro-toques pop up “Event” going by the name of Table Ephémère.
Key local restaurants participate with chefs and front of House.
Les Paniers des Sandrine is the green grocery shop providing the space and vegetables. Live music & Cremant by Aly Duhr and we have begun….
Cooperation between restaurants and generations. dining @ community tables – modern food – Tasty well cooked a genial Sunday.
Eurotoque Luxembourg – Thank you this arrangement & thank you for having us.
I hope this might start the blogging season, please visit my other posts, not the least Ma Langue Sourit, Coté Cour & La Distillerie.
In any case. Eat well, travel fine and enjoy..


Lessons Learned
    • Great things do happen around the corner – keep a watchful eye on Euro-Toques
    • Beetroot and chocolate – yes
    • Must try to visit Les Paniers de Sandrine for beautiful vegetables
    • Life is good


Les paniers de Sandrine
266 rue principale,
L-5366 Münsbach




Bonus package


Please comment and correct me below.
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have…
And finally thank you for the visit


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