Hotel Frederiksminde, Denmark

 Frederiksminde is a perfect example of a road trip stop.

Perfect in so many ways, place, time, room, food and service.

Danish Road trip – Day 2.
Restaurant Vendome and Bergisch Gladbach is behind us. We have parked Mr. Brown in exchange for a white golf Cabriolet as planned with Sixt. The princess and I have now covered some 650 Km,

I had asked the internet, where we could eat and sleep without driving into Copenhagen… the internet did not know… So I had done some research and come up with 2 addresses. 1 was linked to good parking and charming accommodation, so Frederiksminde it is. (The 2nd was Restaurant Babette)

We had booked a room and 6 course dinner together with our friend Jesper. Jonas Mikkelsen is the chef here and what follows is what he and the team created for us this Friday.

Brut from Rüdesheim
Priceless spring view
Pork crackling and dip
Crackers and cream made on blue mussels cream
Black salsify with smoked mayo, fresh potato and cauliflower
Leaf, crackling and more
Raw shrimp
Carpaccio on toast with local cheese
2012 Guttogau, Theodora, Austria
Sourdough bread and home churned butter
Ramson oil for the lactose intolerant… nice
Turbot from Præstø, with fried lettuce, peas, butter milk and tarragon
2010 Vouvray, Touraine, France
La Bota de fino, Jerez
Spinach and ground elder. Green asparagus, egg yolk and Wrängenback
2010, Saint Laurent, Pfalz, Germany
Hearts from duck, beetroot
2012 La Plage, Maupertuis, Loire, France
Delicious chicken, grilled vegetables
2012 Baunard, Coteaux du Layon, Loire, France
Ice cream and other good stuff
Bites for the coffee

Although a good part of the details have disappeared from memory, I can tell you this.
Go on a road trip, and should you pass by Denmark, give Frederiksminde a visit. It is worth it.

The food is delicious and price to quality impeccable and we really look forward to our next visit. Frederiksminde could easily become a recurring stop when visiting Copenhagen.

Lessons Learned

  • Foodies can survive and survive well south of Copenhagen
  • It is also beautiful at the end of the road
  • Whiteguide (1) – Michelin (0)
  • Life is good…
 Hotel Frederiksminde
Klosternakken 8
4720 Præstø, Denmark

Tel:   +45 5590 9030
Fax: +45 5590 9031


Bonus material (Room, View and Breakfast)
Klintekongens beer from Møn and a bottle of crisp white.
Princess and Jesper
The Suite
The hallway – 19 rooms hotel
Beautiful products for breakfast

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