What 2 eat – North of Spain – Martin Berasategui

Many moons ago (Oct 2012), my friend and I went to spain…..

 One of the stops on the 7 day road trip was Martin Berasategui one great Basque chefs

We don’t follow exactly the same menu as my lactose intolerance caused extra work for the kitchen.

Enjoy the pictures and sorry for the delay.


Grimau – a little bubbly

Sour dough bread

A 2006 bottle of Finca Villacreces

The Great Tasting Menu

1995 Mille-Feuille of Smoked Eel, Foie-gras and Green Apple

2001 Squid soup, Creamy Squid, ink ravioli served with squid crouton

2011 Oyster with cucumber, kafir and coconut


Iberian Ham

2 good wines and sensibly priced too

1995 Seasonal vegtables

Smoked fish snout with liquid chilli

Warm Vegetable Salad

2011 Roast red mullet with crystals

2011 Grilled Sirloin “LVISMI”




2012 Melon with Caipirinha

Two superstars – Martin and Jesper 🙂

Fruit salad for I


Carlou I Brandy

Petit four for the cofee

And an extra glass of wine.. just because you can…

To me a sizable bill…. but you gotta live while you can

Lessons Learned

  • Many similarities to La Vie in style and presentation
  • A few dishes had more show in texture and design.. than taste
  • Nice wine list.. extensive and affordable.
  • Book tables for 1330, We were first in the restaurant
  • And coming back.. grateful for ordering a Taxi

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