Jardins des Sens, Montpellier, France

Le Jardin des Sens, reputation as the best restaurant in Montpellier, France and 1 Michelin star. The restaurant is run by the twins Jacques and Laurent Pourcel and this is one visit into their world.
# Latergram.Outside it is 38 deg. Celsius, the Z4 is parked and we are roasted. 7th day on our 2014 French road trip has brought us from 3* Auberge du Vieux Puits to Montpellier. Here we have been magnificently received, upgraded and rested.

We are now ready for dinner.

Classical restraint but beautiful table under roof in the courtyard
The Princess awaits wine with utmost patience
Flatbread if you are Swedish or hungry :`)
The dining room
Anne has wonderful Artichokes and Pork fritters with dip
Chateldon – The most local water
Salmon and possibly tuna for I
Melon and a snack
2012 Fleur de Cailloux, Jean-Philippe Padie, Calce, France
Lobster salad, marinated turnips, melon and fennel sorbet
Panfried Turbot, Girolle mushrooms in jus, glaced gnocchi
2010 Le Roc des Mates, Cht de Cazeneuve, Pic Saint Loup
French Veal in sauce, Potato croquette and tatar with Comté and pumpkin
3 cheeses with the omnipresent blue
Strawberry, lemon and basil sorbet + lime sorbet
Lactose friendly version and small glasses of taste
Bon Bon on ice
Guanajà Choccolate cylinder, Pepper Mint icecream
Still hungry, have a coffee and a snack
Again last to leave, enjoying the beautiful Muga

We had a lovely dinner. Service was immediate and excellent if maybe a slight impersonal. The food and menu was French in style but lightweight, fresh, creative and very tasty.

I found the wine list slightly pricy, this must be balanced by having dinner, breakfast and upgraded to suite package for around 450€ – all in all good value and wine is expensive in France.

A definitive recommendation for a stop for us “Luxembourgers” on the way to/from the coast (parking facilities are excellent too) and I look forward to our return to see if the Pourcel brothers will keep improving.

Lessons Learned

    • If you have a pool, you must clean it and not making noise when guests are resting, just saying.
    • Putting plates on table, to remove them again, to put them back.. it’s like Ties
    • Should travel more often, eat more lobster
    • Wines from south of France are only less costly outside southern France
    • Life is good.. go out, find out..enjoy

    11 av. St-Lazare
    34000 Montpellier
    Phone : +33499583838

    Bonus package
    We we upgraded on the room, which is always nice living room behind me.
    And from our little living room we had a lovely view of the beautiful garden


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