How 2 – Have a hot dog in Sweden – Ove’s Hjulkorv, (Stockholm)

On the small market square Hötorget, Stockholm you can get a proper hotdog. Ove’s Hjulkorv is the place.

Sweden has many odd traditions, cheap sausages and shrimp salad in hotdogs are some of them. So I am very pleased to guide you to a very small place where they serve very good sausages!

Ove’s HjulKorv (Wheel sausage/ street Cart) is an old timer in Stockholm… it appears that few know that they exist or that it is different. We visited twice last week.

Special of the month, Moose Sausage – sausages are grilled on order
Small, Thick and Premium home made in 3 different version
To add yourself
Moose for me – It was very good.

Excellent Lamb sausage for Jesper

An Ordinary little one roasted for comparison – Go for the special.

And finally a Pepper cow – spicy and delicious
And this is how it makes you feel.

To not overfill ourselves we focused on the sausages… therefore only classic bread. the 2 other options are french baguette or Swedish style roled into thin bread (Turkish style) with mashed potatoes, shrimps or anything else you can imagine. I appreciate that the simple dog roll came in white or dark versions.

2 Excellent sausages and 2 drinks = 114 SEK /13€ that’s nothing for a meal for 2.

Some other notes compared to a danish hotdog are:

  1. Sausages are grilled on order (In Denmark the are grilled slow as possible) 
  2. No sight of remoulade or fresh onion (Cucumbers are optional) 
  3. No red boiled sausages….

Lessons Learned
  • It pays of to do a little research
  • Ove’s is a must do… maybe just for the little hunger in-between
  • Life is good….


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