How 2 – Eat with a view – Domaine Ruppert – Schengen (Luxembourg)

The broken clouds hang over Schengen this friday evening. it’s around 19:00 and We are meeting good friends for a Summer BBQ @ Domaine Henri Ruppert.

Schengen is very important to me! It is the place where people with good will and bravery in 1985 agreed to reduce the bureaucracy for you and me when living and traveling inside Europe. That to me is improvement of freedom and I cherish it!

The BBQ is not free and it is not a tasting.. rather it is for those who wish to spend 38€ a head you will get an entré, BBQ (x2) buffet and a dessert.

This Friday the terrace is full 5 or 6 tables – 22 seats and i suspect this is a full house – but then again there are plenty of room for expansion.

Here’s the story:

Impressive building by Herman, Valentiny and Partners

T-Bone on the grill

Wine Card – it is not fancy… but payable 🙂


Esprit In a glass
Grilled Scampi, Mozarella du Buffola, tomato and  a lovely fresh pesto

Again the view – Luxembourg, Germany with France just out of the right frame

Dorade, Mais, carrot and cucumber salad

2nd Serving – T-Bone, grilled peppers and assorted salads

To join the meat we have a chilled 2012 Pinot Noir Barrique

Sorry… The view again
To support the dessert We opt for this lovely crisp Brute Rosé

Pear ice and fresh fruits

Buffet’s style is not my style… but that said.. and considering that this is not a michelin style experience.. We had a lovely evening with good food, nice service and ambiance. Lovely and mainly affordable wines joined with a fantastic view of Schengen… maybe one of the most important milestones last century.

Domaine Henri Ruppert is now in my books, as a winehouse to visit.. a place to bring guest for a taste together with a plate of charcuterie – and should the BBQ or other arrangements turn up – then I would not hesitate to join again.

Lessons Learned
  • Henri Ruppert is another local winemaker which I must study harder…
  • Friday evenings, warm summer.. food, wine and friends = gold
  • Pear ice cream and fruit-salad was perfect on a summer night
  • Schengen agreement was put into action in 1995
  • The place is also available for private arrangements

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