How 2 also possibly spend a weekend in Istanbul

“Long” weekend in Istanbul….

On the way down.. weather made it impossible to land in Istanbul so we stayed first night in Zurich Hilton Airport hotel.

Around lunch time Saturday We arrived at Hotel Witt and what a surprise.. the hotel had upgraded us to top corner suite.. so we just enjoyed a few glasses of wine and the view in prep for dinner

Room evening view

Dinner @ forgotten.. good food, reasonable service

Much better than our supermarket crap

Stray dogs

Choose your Mezze

Turkish coffee

Add caption

Blue Mosque eggs against spiders

Going home weather.. caused delayes etc. etc… so we had another stay in Zurich 🙂

Lessons learned

  • Travel to Istanbul between March and November
  • Be wary of the benefits of Hub and spoke plane flights
  • Private guide is a great way to get some insights, create jobs and see more
  • Istanbul is rising.. great food, markets and ambiance.. gonna come back

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