Welcome on What 2 how 2

Dear visitor, friend or family.

Welcome to the new blog. here you will find my rants about almost anything.

Please remember that when I am being critical, optimistic or provocative it might be because I at best only know one side of the truth and maybe need you to fill me in on details or expand the horizons.

I hope this blog will help us discuss the future without me having drunk so much wine, that I will forget tomorrow.

Sometimes (Quite often I’m aware) my viewpoints/standpoints are provocative, this is generally my way of creating the discussion or raising an issue, I do not by that intend to say  I have full information on any of the subjects I like.

For those who do not know me I am born 1975, male who is currently fond of:
food, wine, travelling, technology, tranportation and above all my dear Anne.

I will also often just link to some story or news that I find interesting or simply a funny video. I hope to give usefull advice on how to spend a few minutes of your valuable time, sometimes just for a cheap laugh.

Hope you  will enjoy it and should you disagree with me then sleep soundly knowing a lot of people disagrees with me.

Peace and prosperity for all

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