Søllerød Kro – Søllerød, Copenhagen, Denmark

Our first visit to Søllerød kro, a classic restaurant of the best type some 25 minutes north of Copenhagen.Seasonality and great service is found here.

In the evening we are due to see friends for a 5x 40year birthday party, so this Saturday in April 2015 we thought it would make perfect sense to have a simple lunch and to try something outside Copenhagen center.
One star by Michelin since 2007 and with 338 years Søllerød Kro is known for its great food and hospitality, let’s take a look:
Pretty inn in a pretty area
Recommended by Michelin and many foodies
Period details everywhere
Melon refresher to start
Classic Table in white and silver
And white flowers
Having booked a special lunch menu, we start with bubbles by the danish winemaker in Burgundy – Albert Sounit
Amuse Bouche
Blanket of asparagus & asparagus
2 varieties of butter 
Bread for the princess
Trimbach, Alsace. France – Pinot Blanc
Lactose free – fresh and warm gaufres for me
Green Asparagus, oyster and granny smith
Lobster? and onion
2012? Faiveley Rully – Les Villeranges
Monkfish, asparagus and dried chicken stock
With sauce
2011 Chateauneuf-du-Pape – domain de Velleneuve
Lamb with dried olives, baba ganoush
Talking about wines our host make sure we don’t run dry. Only classic goodies, here an Italian Piemente, Barbera, Il cascinone
A 2012 Barbera D’Alba from Paolo Scavino
To help a selection of cheese
With flat breads
Going into the desserts, this is forgotten in the haze 🙂
A cleanser

2008 Chateau des Tours, Sante-Crois-Du-Mont – Bordeaux, France
Ice cream
Rhubarb & granité
The princess with our impeccably and legendary host Jan Restorff
And chocolate for the coffee
And a final glass of exquisite 2001 Barolo, Cerequio – a most kind gesture for the camera

The food, setting & service all overflow of classic luxury, i would compare it to a Danish version of Taillevent in Paris – Luxurious ingredients and classic hospitality.
I would speculate that If Søllerød was a suburb of Paris, it would have earned 2 stars by Michelin. 
Flawless service by the team and perfectly pretty portions of perfectly cooked quality produce in season. As it should be at this level there was also perfect handling of our allergies and intolerance’s. 
And the coffee was great!
Sometimes you simply lean back and think… life is good.
Are you more into the classic or modern?
Lessons Learned
  • Take a trip, go a little further
  • Classic is not old.. it is still in
  • Life is good…

Recommendations for Improvement

  • Play more with texture

Søllerød Kro
Søllerødvej 35
2840 Holte
Telephone: +45 45 80 25 05



Please comment and correct me below. 
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with  restaurant ideas and wishes… 
thank you for visiting

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